Mama’s things are the best

7. Oktober 2019MishaylaOppong

Can’t we all agree that mothers own the most awesome and unique clothes, shoes, jewelleries and objects?

For a reason unbeknownst to me, I was hanging around my mom’s room when she wasn’t home – to feel her presence maybe? – and let my eyes wander through her stuff. And look what I found! The cutest and such a beautiful jewellery holder. I don’t exactly know what is made of, but I loved the warm colours that mirrored this marble look.

Who knows? It might actually be marble? Or maybe an old hand-me-down.. Anyway, it’s gorgeous and spiked the want in me, to pay more mind to little details. Whether it’d be in decor, clothing, hairstyling or in any aspect of my life.

Is it weird that objects can make your mind wander this far? And see things from a different perspective? Or is it just me being.. me? Let me know what you think !

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