Digital Planning – My new addiction !

27. September 2019MishaylaOppong

Where have I been living thus far? Under a rock!?

I am such a planner addict! Love decorating the pages, jotting everything down and swiping through all these decorated pages every once in a while. And since I loved living off my planner, it got too big too fast to carry it around with me everywhere. So a solution was due!
Ta-daaa! Digital planners.
Yes, it took me a while, but now I’ve arrived to 2019 and have been falling in love with this digital planning.
I get to add as many pages and sections as I want, without having to worry about transporting my jotted down life. And hyperlinks make the navigation super easy. How awesome is that!? To top it all of, I get to be paperless and do some good for our planet!
I’m getting way too excited telling you about my now found love and addiction, but digital planners have changed my life for the better.
I get to reuse stickers as often as I want to, don’t have to worry about making mistakes, because I can just erase them without smudges and carry on. So I’m also saving my coins, which is never a bad thing.

Because I’ve always created my unique templates do … my needs, it was a no-brainer to do so with digital planners.

Do you prefer digital or physical planners? And what do you look for in planners?

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