• Mama’s things are the best

    7. Oktober 2019 MishaylaOppong

    Can’t we all agree that mothers own the most awesome and unique clothes, shoes, jewelleries and objects? For a reason unbeknownst to me, I was hanging around my mom’s room when she wasn’t home – to feel her presence maybe? – and let my eyes wander through her stuff. And look what I found! The…

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  • October is around the corner..

    30. September 2019 MishaylaOppong

    Get to planning with this free monthly log! Planning is the way to go! So click here to get your free October monthly log. I kept this very minimal for individual decoration or to keep it this simple. Enough space for stickers and notes in the calendar grid. But also 3 Sections for important dates,…

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  • Digital or physical planners?

    29. September 2019 MishaylaOppong

    In German we’d say „Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual“. Meaning, whoever has the choice has the agony. A mess when translated, but bare with me. This is about choosing what planner is the right one, if there’s such a thing. Both digital and actual physical planners have their cons, but outnumbering pros, making…

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  • Digital Planning – My new addiction !

    27. September 2019 MishaylaOppong

    Where have I been living thus far? Under a rock!? I am such a planner addict! Love decorating the pages, jotting everything down and swiping through all these decorated pages every once in a while. And since I loved living off my planner, it got too big too fast to carry it around with me…

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  • Hello World!

    26. September 2019 MishaylaOppong

    So here we are! Welcome to my page! I finally found the courage to make „this“ happen.. But maybe I should start by introducing myself. I am Mishayla, a hoarderer of memories and and extroverted introvert.

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